Frequently Asked Questions

How does Security Track know when my Asset is stolen?

Security Track always transmits the precise location of your Asset. If it is lost or stolen, notify the police immediately. Tell them you have a Security Track tracking device on your Asset. They will call our Monitoring Center for location and recovery information.

How long does it take to locate a stolen item?

Security Track provides instant location information, with an actual street address. It is not a homing device, and does not operate like other beacon type systems which require several vehicles to triangulate and locate a signal. Security Track offers immediate and constant tracking of your Assets.

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What if my stolen Asset is removed from my bag?

The location of the Security Track transmitter varies with the Asset it protects. In many cases, the transmitter can be in a box, bag, briefcase, tray, vehicle or other container. If the tracking device is discovered and disabled, it can no longer send it's positional information. Security Track does remember it's last location, so Law Enforcement will know where the "safe-house" or fence location is. That is usually where the stolen goods are taken. The sooner a loss is reported, the faster a recovery can be made.

Is Security Track the best meth
od of locating and tracking assets?
Yes. If Security Track is needed to track and locate a stolen Asset, then all other security measures have failed and the Asset you are guarding has been lost or stolen. Ordinarily there would be little or no chance of recovery, as the Asset is usually gone without a trace. Security Track provides you with a valuable second chance to locate and recover that asset. Since Security Track provides real time tracking information, the path the stolen Asset takes is easy to trace. Typically a recovery can be made within 15 minutes of the time of loss. No other system provides you with this second chance to recover an Asset.

What is the cost for Security Track?

Cost varies depending on the Security Track system you need. Prices start at $ 1,299, with a monthly fee of $ 99. As this is a security expense, it is a valid business expense. Consult with your tax advisor.

Will my insurance company give me a discount if I use Security Track?

Discounts vary with your loss history, risk, and other factors. Ask your agent. In the event of any loss, you will almost certainly face a substantial premium increase. With or without a discount Security Track costs little for the peace of mind it provides.

Who uses Security Track?
Our clients for security reasons must remain anonymous. Some Industries that currently use Security Track include Financial Institutions, Armored Couriers, Jewelers, Taxi & Livery Companies, Private Investigators, Celebrities, Executives, Concerned Parents, Insurers, and Law Enforcement Agencies.

How can I obtain Security Track?

Contact Security Track at 800-227-2079 or e-mail
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