Monitored 24/7 by the SecurityTrack Monitoring Center, each SecurityTrack Product is as rugged as it is reliable. We can offer custom solutions for any application. Our Engineers are able to Design and Customize systems for any high threat or high value risk that needs ubiquitous tracking, location, and recovery capability..

Security Track was founded by Harry Grossman, an Electrical Engineer, and Elie Ribacoff, a Security Specialist and Insurance Investigator with years of experience in the Jewelry and Fine Arts Industries.

The Tracker-II series was developed, tested and put into service to meet the unfulfilled security and recovery needs of Businesses and Individuals who transport valuable assets or face the risk of robbery or assault while travelling.

Utilizing next generation GPS and Control Channel Cellular Technologies, real time tracking and location information is instantly available from anywhere in North America where cellular service exists. The Tracker-II series operates indoors, outdoors, inside most vehicles and vehicle trunks with an accuracy of up to 30 feet.

Completely self-contained, the Tracker-II series is warranted for one full year and backed-up by Security Track's technical staff, only a phone call away.

Whether tracking assets, vehicles, personnel, or, an over zealous teenager, the Tracker-II series never sleep; remaining on, it reports its location to Security Track's 24/7 monitoring center. Insurers and Security Specialists agree that Security Track and its Tracker-II series provides a very needed additional layer of security that reduces risk, increases recovery and in many cases may reduce Insurance Premiums.

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